Monday, December 19, 2011

Five Leadership Gifts from 2011

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In the spirit of the season, here are five posts from 2011 which I believe you will find helpful.

1. Prepare Today

This powerful guest post from Wally Bock is poignant on two different levels. First, it is a guest post for leadership blogger Dan Rockwell who recently suffered a terrible accident and now faces a lengthy recovery. Second, it features the story of Bishop Hanns Lilje, a man imprisoned in World War II Nazi prison camps. He is quoted in the post: "“When they knock on your door, it’s too late to prepare.”

2. Our Deepest Craving

I frequently write about how important it is for leaders to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation. Kevin Eikenberry offers a strong message in this vein, beginning with a quote from William James: "The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated."

3. Ten Time Management Tips

This post from Gayle Thorson is oriented toward busy nonprofit communicators, but the advice is straightforward and helpful for any developing leader.

4. The Top Ten Lies Leaders Believe

Earlier in the year before his injury, Dan Rockwell posted this excellent list of traps leaders can easily fall into.

5. The Science of Creating the Perfect Mentor: An 8-Step Process

Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend emphasizes the importance of mentors in your leadership journey. I appreciate this post because it reinforces how to find the right people to help you and how you can care for them in turn.

I hope you enjoy these posts and benefit from them as much as I have!

Take care,

David M. Dye

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